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Use Zapier to connect CatchApp Bookings to over 3,000 other apps!

It takes just minutes to connect Bookings to your favourite apps via the Zapier integration.

Step 1: Add CatchApp Bookings to your connected apps in Zapier

Go to the Zapier website, sign-up and/or sign-in, and in your Zapier account, select ‘My Apps’ and search for ‘CatchApp Bookings’. The CatchApp Bookings app will appear in the results field. Tap on it to continue. 


Step 2: Make a Zap

In your Zapier account, tap on the ‘Make a Zap’ button. 


1st Step: Select a ‘Trigger’ to start the Zap. We will be using CatchApp Bookings as an app that will fire triggers, but you can use any app.


Search for the app to generate the Trigger. In our case we searched for CatchApp Bookings. Tap on it to select. 

Once you have successfully selected your trigger app, proceed to the next screen, which will show you CatchApp Bookings as your trigger. You can change it of course. 



2nd Step: Pick your trigger to fire the following action. In the drop down you will see a few options. Pick whatever suits you. We picked ‘New CatchApp’ for this example.


3rd Step: When you have picked your trigger for the app, it will route to signing into the app. Tap on the “Sign in” button which will allow you to authenticate your sign-in details. 


It will take you to an authentication screen as shown below, which will ask you two things: the name of the account and your API Key. 

4th Step: Enter your account API Key from your CatchApp Bookings account. Simply go to your CatchApp Bookings account and head to Settings -> Integrations, and then to CRM & Sales. Tap on ‘Copy Key’ to copy it.


5th Step: Enter your API Key here and hit “Yes, Continue” to proceed to authenticating with your profile. 


When your account is successfully validated and connected, you will see the below screen. Tap on the “Continue” button to proceed. 


6th Step: Now that you have selected the trigger, it is time to select your app for the ‘Action’. In this example we have picked Slack, but of course you can pick whatever suits you. 

7th Step: When you have selected your Action app, it will show you a screen where you can pick your ‘Action Event’ from a drop down. In our example, we have picked ‘Send direct Message’ - which means that every time someone books an appointment through CatchApp Bookings, we will get a direct message on Slack to notify us.


It will prompt you to login to the action app as well. In our case, it required us to authenticate to our Slack account. When you are done, hit the continue button to proceed ahead.



8th Step: Next up is to pick your custom actions. Go through the form and pick what best suits you. In this example, we are picking the ‘Sarang’ Slack account to be sent a direct message when someone books an appointment with us. 


When you have finished filling in the form and hit the Continue button, you will see a ‘Test Action’ screen, which will list your selected options. Once you have reviewed this summary, hit the button ‘Turn Zap On’ to start.



You will see a success pop up as shown below. 



Testing the Zap created:

Now that you have set it up, when you view your Zaps, you will be greeted by this screen showing you that your created Zap is ON. 


You can rename your Zap. In our case, we renamed it from “default” to “Testing Zapier”.


Now go to your CatchApp Bookings account and book an appointment. 

You will instantly receive an automated Slack message from your Zapier bot indicating that your triggered app (i.e. CatchApp Bookings) has fired a triggered event (i.e. booking an appointment) resulting in an action app (i.e. Slack) and action event as (i.e. direct Slack message).



You can always turn OFF the Zap you have created temporarily as well

You are all set, enjoy the automation experience for over 3,000+ apps by connecting it with CatchApp Bookings