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Why is CatchApp important?

You might know all the hows, but get to grips with the whys.

According to Atlassian (the company that created Jira) the average professional sends 304 business emails per week!

And a 2010 survey of 1500 professionals by Doodle found that the average professionals spends over 4 hours per week scheduling meetings.

This is supported by research from x.ai which estimates that the average meeting requires a total of 17 mins of back and forth communication in order to find a suitable time and date. 

Its 2018, this shouldn't be happening! So, how can CatchApp help?

1) You can propose several times for a meeting to take place. This way your invitees can pick a time that suits best and the meeting is automatically confirmed in your calendar. This means no more back and forth to confirm a time and date. 

2) CatchApp's smart scheduling system won't let you double book. So if you offer the same time and date to two people, its first come first serve. The days of accidentally booking two meetings at the same time are over.