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What is CatchApp Meetings?

Simply the fastest scheduling tool, ever.

Your time is precious! That’s why CatchApp is redefining the way in which you schedule all of life’s events. Whether meeting for work or catching up with friends, CatchApp delivers the fastest, most efficient and visually pleasing way to organize your time.

We built CatchApp from the ground up with one thing in mind - to be the most intuitive, practical and easy to use scheduling tool, ever. With CatchApp you can send meeting invitations via Email or SMS; Access rich information about the venues where your meetings will take place; Offer your invitees several times/dates to meet, in order to avoid scheduling ping-pong; Keep track of meetings that are pending so that you never double book; Send invitations to dozens of people in one go; Sync with your Calendars to display all your events in one place; And more… 

Check out the rest of our help pages to find out more about how CatchApp can help you to schedule better, easier and faster.