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What can I do with CatchApp Bookings?

We’re here to give you the full rundown on how to make the most out of CatchApp Bookings.

Our product for professionals, freelancers...and you? Get to grips with the basics in 5 minutes. You'll be accepting client appointments in no time.

See what CatchApp Bookings can do for your brand, whether you’re a new business trying to build your customer base, or whether you’re just trying to make things easier for your regulars by taking the hassle out of booking their sessions with you.

  • 24/7 bookings: Set a time at your leisure, and your clients book. Piece of cake.
  • Integrated video conferencing: Never faff again for a lost link in your emails, just select an option when you set up the meeting, and you’re good to go. We've connected with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to make sure that when you select any of these video conferencing applications, a room is made specifically for you and your client and the details are sent directly to you both.
  • Get paid in advance: Increase your cash flow now by accepting pre-booked appointments. Funds go directly to your account, and we don’t ever charge a commission, all through the power of Stripe.
  • Spread the love: One link shares your availability with anyone who might want to book you. Pop it in your signature, your bio, in your newsletter, your socials, and save yourself some time.
  • Always be on time: CatchApp Bookings works out timezones by checking your selected country and timezone against your clients', so you don’t have to. Smart, right?
  • Be 100% privacy-orientated: We never sell your data. Your business is your business.
  • We’ll do some onboarding for you too: We’re all about accommodating learning styles here, so just chat to us and we’ll set you up with a bespoke 30-minute training session over a call. Book your session with an expert and CLAIM YOUR FREE ONBOARDING.


So whether you’re a driving instructor, personal trainer, babysitter, offering equestrian lessons, or just a big dreamer trying to make their business thrive, we’ve got your back.