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Time Zones for Event Types

Learn how to change the default time zone on CatchApp!

My Availability


You can now view your CatchApp calendar in accordance with the selected Time-Zone


Event Types


Now you can allocate your time effectively as the Time-Zone selected will change the current availability preset accordingly when editing in Event Types


Booking Pages

Select the Time Zone and choose from all of the available options


You and your attendees will be available to adjust the Time-Zone directly from your Booking page.


Available Location/Time-Zones:

  • Pacific Time (US) - PDT
  • Mountain Time (US) - MDT
  • Central Time (US) - CDT
  • Eastern Time (US) - EDT
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - BDT
  • London, United Kingdom - BST
  • Berlin, Germany - CEST
  • Moscow, Russian Federation - MSK
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates - DST
  • Mumbai, India - IST
  • Singapore, Singapore - 
  • Beijing, China - CST
  • Tokyo, Japan - JST
  • Sydney, Australia - AEST
  • Auckland, New Zealand - NZST

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