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Invitation type: 'Single'

What is the invitation type: "Single" and when is best to use it?

A 'Single' invitation is the most is the most common type of invite in CatchApp, and the one that most people are instantly familiar with. This is designed for occasions where you want to schedule a meeting with just one person.

How does it work? 

  1. Press the Chameleon to start creating a new invite; Select 'Single'.

  2. Enter a Title and Message for the meeting, and then click on 'Who' to select the person you would like to send the invitation to.

  3. Click on 'When' to select several time/dates that you are free for the meeting (or call) to take place.

  4. Click on 'Where' to select a location. This could be an actual venue (e.g. Starbucks Cafe), your place of work or your house.

  5. Press 'Send'!

The person you have invited will see all of the times/dates that you are free to meet, and will pick the one that suits him/her best. The meeting will be automatically Confirmed in your calendar and all of the other possible times/dates that you had offered will disappear.

What happens if I change my mind?

As busy people, things change at the drop of a hat. If you can no longer make a time that you have offered, simply open the invite via the Outgoing tab on the home screen and remove the time(s) you no longer wish to make available for the meeting.

The recipient will now only be able to choose the times that remain- if any. 

If no times remain and the recipient is viewing the invite via a web browser, the recipient will be informed that the invitation is no longer available.