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Invitation type: Multi-Single

What is the invitation type: "Multi-Single" and when is best to use it?

When creating a meeting invite with CatchApp, you are given the choice of three types of invitation to choose from.

Multi-Single is a new type of invite created by us to save hours scheduling multiple meetings at once.

With this type of invite, you can schedule a weeks worth of meetings in once action. Its designed so well that if you're brave (or organised) enough, you could theoretically plan your whole month or year!

Example usage

So, it's Sunday evening and you have a busy week ahead. In addition to the already scheduled things in your calendar planned for the week ahead, you need to fit in some meetings with external business contacts, get a quote from a local decorator for home improvements, grab a coffee with a former colleague in town for a short time as well as schedule a hand over to a current colleague for when you plan to be on annual leave in the near future.

It's looking like a busy week ahead! Contacting each of these people will most definitely take up a lot of time. You may not get through when you call. There may be a delay responding to your email.

When you finally get through, you go back and forth a few times negotiating days and times, before having to do it all over again with the next person on the list!

With Multi-Single invites, you select everyone you want to meet with from your contact list- selecting either a mobile tel or an email, choose your availability based on your calendar commitments, select a location (if you like) and then press send.

We do the hard work for you.

Each invitee will receive the availability you just offered, and takes the one that suits them. No need to call you to confirm as it is automatically added to your calendar and both of you receive confirmation via email and via the app (if installed).

Whether you invited 2 or 200 people to meet, only you can see the full list of invitees. Amazing right? Yes. 🤗

What happens if I change my mind?

As busy people, things change at the drop of a hat. If you can no longer make a time that you have offered, simply open the invite via the Outgoing tab on the home screen and remove the time(s) you no longer wish to make available for the meeting.

The recipient(s) will now only be able to choose the time(s) that remain- if any. 

If no times remain and the recipient(s) is viewing the invite via a web browser, the recipient will be informed that the invitation is no longer available.