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Invitation type: Group

What is the invitation type: "Group" and when is best to use it?

When creating a meeting invite with CatchApp, you are given the choice of three types of invitation to choose from.

Group is another common type of invite, that many users will want to schedule at least once in any given week.

This type of invite is designed for users that want to schedule just one meeting, with more than one person, at the same time.

An example of a Group meeting could be "Team drinks this Friday" or "Marketing department strategy meeting" etc..

You may choose as many people as you like and offer a time and date to meet.

Once a recipient confirms, the event will be confirmed in your calendar. Each recipient will be able to see a list of invited and confirmed people attending the Group meeting.

What happens if I change my mind?

As busy people, things change at the drop of a hat. If you can no longer make the meeting, as the Group meeting initiator, you have the ability to cancel the meeting. Simply open the invite via the Outgoing tab (if an invitee has yet to confirm their attendance) or otherwise via the Confirmed tab on the home screen and cancel meeting.