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How to Customise your Booking Page's Description and Notes

Add some personalisation to your booking pages with rich text, hyperlinks and images to transform how your page looks!

Appointment Description

1. Login into your account

2. Go to the Settings Page. Click My Profile

Add anything you want in your Appointment Description and click Apply to save changes

customization-update_screenshot1Tip: This can be used to add more valuable information such as your job role and the company you're representing as this will appear underneath your Business Name.

Appointment Notes

1. Login into your account

2. Go to the Event Types page. Click Edit on the selected Event Type you want


3. Go down to Appointment Notes


Here are the available options:

  • Undo/Redo: This allows you to revert or remove any changes that you have applied
  • Bullet/Numbered Lists: This allows you to add lists to your notes (unlimited)
  • Rich Text: You are able to add Bold, Italics or Underline options for your text
  • Hyperlink: You will be able to hyperlink text (Any links written will be automatically hyperlinked)
  • Attach Images: You will be able to add any images to your notes (PNG/JPEG)
  • Horizontal Line: You can split sections by adding this
  • Headers: You can transform text to either Header 1, Header 2 or Header 3

Once you have completed your appointment notes, click Apply to save changes.

Appointment Notes will appear underneath the Appointment Name of your Booking Page.


To learn more about this, please read more about our Customization Update here!