How to Connect CatchApp Bookings with Google Calendar

Connecting CatchApp Bookings with any of your favourite calendars is a breeze - here we'll show you how to connect it with Google Calendar

  1. Log into your CatchApp Bookings account, and go to Integrations

    Integrations Page

  2. Then go to 'Calendars'

    calendar integrations
  3. Input your Google email address

    Google Calendar Email

  4. Choose your account and enter your password on the next screen

    Google Calendar Step 1

  5. Accept the permissions

    Google Calendar Step 2

    There you go, you're all set! With our powerful 2-way calendar sync, each time you receieve an appointment it will automatically be added to your connected calendar, and any time you add an event on your Google Calendar the time you've alloted will be taken out of your CatchApp Bookings availability. So, you'll never double-book ever again!