How to Connect CatchApp Bookings with Apple Calendar

Connecting CatchApp Bookings with any of your favourite calendars is a breeze - here we'll show you how to connect it with Apple Calendar.

  1. Log into your CatchApp Bookings account, and go to Integrations

    Integrations Page

  2. Then go to 'Calendars'

    calendar integrations
  3. Input your Apple email address and click 'Connect'

    Apple Calendar integration

  4. Apple Calendar requires you to have an 'app-specific' password. To do this sign into your Apple account here and click 'Generate Password' under 'App-Specific Passwords' in Security

    App Specific Password generation

  5. Copy the password that is generated, and input it when prompted to on the screen below

    Apple Calendar integration step 2

    There you go, you're all set! Each time you receive an appointment it will automatically be added to your connected calendar!