How do I upgrade to a paid subscription of CatchApp Bookings?

Upgrading to a paid subscription is a quick and easy process with a host of benefits.

Step 1: Log into your CatchApp Bookings account and click the "ACTIVATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" button on the banner at the top.

Upgrade 1

Step 2: Enter your card number, expiry date, security code (CVC), and Zip/Postcode. If you've got a promo code to enter, click the "Enter it now" button to input your code. Once you've put in the right details, click the orange "UPGRADE NOW" button, and you're all set!

Upgrade 2

The paid subscription version of CatchApp Bookings gives you access to unlimited event-types, scheduled meetings, SMS and Email reminders, access to over 3000 integrations, and a plethora of customisation options.