How do I set up CatchApp Bookings' integration?

Either read through the steps throughout this page or check out this 5-minute video below:

CatchApp Bookings is an online booking and scheduling tool that lets you quickly manage and edit your appointments and availability. is a team management platform helping to create easy and effective teamwork. Teams use to plan, organize and keep track of their work in a visual and collaborative space. 


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Step 1: Login to your account and go to the dashboard, you'll see the screen below with your boards and respective items listed.


Step 2: Tap on the 'apps' button (bottom left corner) to open up the marketplace window.


Step 3: When the app marketplace window is open, click on the search bar and type in 'CatchApp Bookings'.


Step 4: When you've selected CatchApp Bookings, click the 'install' button. You will be taken to the CatchApp Bookings website. Sign up here with a 14-day free trial or pay straight away. Once you've finished the onboarding process, come back to this screen on, and click 'Use App'.


Step 5: Here will give you two options: to create a template workspace or setup the integration. If you have a workspace ready to use already, skip to step . For now, click 'Workspace Template' on the right, and then 'Next'.


Step 6: Choose the workspace that you'd like the integrations to make a new board in. In this case, I have selected 'Commercial team testing' from the drop-down menu. Click 'Add feature' once you've selected the correct board. A template board will then appear showing you an example of a Skype appointment that has been set. You can delete this appointment. Now we need to repeat the process up to step 5


Step 7: Instead of choosing the workspace template, we instead need to click the 'integration' option. Choose the correct workspace and board for you, and click next.




Step 8: click on the tile that says 'Add to board'.



Step 9: The next screen will ask you for an API Key. Go to your CatchApp Bookings account. When inside the product dashboard, head to 'integrations' and then to ‘CRM & Sales integrations’ to find your API key listed there. Hit the 'COPY KEY' button to copy the API Key.


Step 10: Next, paste the API key into the text field and click 'SUBMIT'.


Step 11: Click on the underlined button that says 'item' and the box will appear to customise the fields for your bookings. Below is one I have made that can be used as a guide. By adding more columns to your board, you can add more fields to customise in your booking if you wish. Click done once you're finished and the integration is finished.


Step 12: Using the integration is quick and easy. All you need to do is create an event-type and accept bookings from invitees. The accepted bookings will appear in your board, whether that's your own board or the 'Upcoming bookings' template board that you can use.


With CatchApp Bookings' direct integration with, you can simply follow those quick steps to connect both accounts for each tool to communicate seamlessly, helping create workflows, automate processes, and upgrade your scheduling to the next level.