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How do I set the location of my appointments?

Setting the location for your event types lets you meet your clients through video conferencing, over the phone, or in a location anywhere in the world.

To set the location of your event type, simply navigate to 'My event-types' and either edit an existing event type or create a new event type by clicking the 'New event-type' button.

My event types-1

From here you can add a location by clicking on the drop-down box and choosing from the list.

Add location

Selecting Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet requires you to have connected your accounts through the integrations page (learn how to link these by clicking the app names).

Selecting 'Face to face' lets you give a location for your appointment which is included in any reminders that are sent out.

When you choose Skype as a video conferencing application, you input your Skype user ID so that when you have a confirmed booking, your client can speak directly with you.