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How do I personalise my profile?

Make sure your customers know who you are when they book you through your dashboard. Add your details and give your brand some of your unique personality.

Once you've signed up for an account, you can customise your dashboard, starting with your profile page. 

My profile

Add your profile picture:  You can use JPG or PNG, formats– this works best when they're cropped to fit a square up to 40MB. This can be your brand logo or a profile photo. This will be seen by your customers once they book time with you through CatchApp Bookings or via an external link.

Add your business name: You can choose whether you use your business' name or your own for this bit. Letting your clients know who are means that down the line they don't receive any reminders and can't remember who it's with.

Add your country and timezone: Adding your country and timezone weaves magic into your bookings. No matter where your clients are in the world, your availability is shown in the correct timezone to both of you so that you never miss a late-night appointment. We've got you covered.