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How do I customise the times I'm available in my event types?

Customising your availability is a quick and simple process that can be done as soon as you create a new event type

Step 1 - Create a new event type by going to "event types" on your dashboard and selecting "NEW EVENT-TYPE"

new event type

Step 2 - Fill out the contents of the event type and tick the "adjust availability by day" box

Customize by day-2

Step 3 - Add in your availability. Click the orange '+' button to add extra times, and the bin icon if you'd like to remove a time

Customize by day 2-2

Step 4 - Once you're done, click the "CREATE EVENT-TYPE" button at the bottom of the page, and you're set! Please note you can change your available times for individual days on the availability page, by clicking on any day and then "Edit this date".

edit this date-1