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How do I create a new event type?

CatchApp Bookings allows you to create multiple appointment types for all the different types of appointments you need to schedule. We call these event-types.

You can set the appointment duration, location and availability separately for each event-type.

To create a new appointment type, start by navigating to your Event-Types Page by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your account at CatchApp.mobi
  • Click 'My Event-types' (middle button on the left-hand menu)
  • Click the orange NEW EVENT-TYPE button

This will open your appointment (event-types) page (see image below) from which you'll be able to create new appointment types and edit existing ones.


Chotto Event type example-1

Just select the options that best suit you and your business and fill it out according to your availability.

Here's what your clients see when they reach your personal Bookings page:

Chotto 1st Screen

In your Dashboard, you can view your Availability like below, adjust a specific day or even a whole month in a couple of clicks!  Here's what the Availability Calendar page looks like:

Availability Chotto


PRO TIP: Your bookings page can be shared everywhere! You can send your personal bookings link by email, on social media, messengers, Linkedin, etc. But, you can also embed this on your website too!

For more on this, check out our article about embedding HTML here.