How do I connect Google Meet to my CatchApp Bookings account?

We've got some quick and easy steps to get you set for hosting appointments seamlessly with Google Meet

Step 1 - In your CatchApp Bookings dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Video Conferencing

Google Meet Setup 01

Step 2 - Enter your email address into the Google Meet box, and click 'CONNECT'

Google Meet Setup 1

Step 3 - Choose your account from the list

Google Meet Setup 2

Step 4 - Click continue when prompted to. Please read the Privacy Policy if you wish

Google Meet Setup 3

Step 5 - Create a new event type on CatchApp Bookings with the location set to Google Meet.

Google Meet event

You're all set! Now when your clients book a meeting, CatchApp Bookings will automatically create and send them a Google Meet link to join from.

Happy scheduling!