How does CatchApp Bookings fit in with Professional Services?

Work in professional services? No matter how big or small your business is, CatchApp is built with you in mind.

Join our growing community of professionals working as accountants, solicitors, lawyers, estate agents and running their own businesses on their own terms. CatchApp Bookings gives you all the benefits you need, regardless of whether your business is mature or just starting out.

Contact us at or book your demo to see the product in action. We'd love to talk to you and get to know your needs. 


    • 24/7 bookings: set a time at your leisure, and your clients book. Piece of cake. 

    • Integrated videocalls: never faff again for a lost link in your emails, just select the option when you set up the meeting, and you’re good to go. 

    • Get paid in advance: increase your cashflow now by accepting pre-booked appointments! 

    • Spread the love: One link shares your availability with anyone who might want to book you. Pop it in your signature, your bio, in your newsletter, your socials...phew, you get the point!

  • Always on time: Catchapp works out timezones, so you don’t have to. Smart, huh? 

  • 100% privacy-orientated: we never sell your data onto third parties. Your business is YOUR business. 

CatchApp Bookings allows you to streamline your bookings, accept pre-payment from clients, and easily offer your availability, and adapt across multiple time zones and currencies.